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Ultraman is an alien soldier who comes from nebula M78 to earth to defend it from the prehistoric, mutant, and alien monsters. Every ultraman changes through the years, resulting with new ultramen with similar tasks. Some of the most distinguishing features is that all ultramen have a crest running up the front and down the back back of their heads, they have round, yellow eyes, and they have a light on their chest that shows their power level. There are many monsters in ultraman, and this wiki is meant to archive all the monsters and heroes that appear throughout the series. Feel free to edit the wiki with any information about ultraman you have. It is a new wiki and needs all the help it can get. Please also read the talk page to read the rules. Thank you for participating in our attempt to educate everyone about this wonderful TV show.

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Featured quote: "Eh?" Various to Various, Ultraman Dyna (various episode)


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